Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bring Jesus into it

JRL is hitting the road this coming Wednesday. Along the way he’ll be at Bluffton College and Goshen College, as well tracking more time in the studio in Wilmington, OH.

This week JRL offers another track to share recorded with Mark Bovee and the crew from Woodland Park, Colorado, recorded at a house concert with windows open to the Rockies. “Daughters and Sons” features a zydeco sound with Bovee on a harmonium. Jon shares these thoughts:

"Jesus has been important to me for years. I'm looking for ways of bringing this part of my life into my writing for JRL in a way that is interesting and beautiful to anyone, whatever their experience and thoughts about Jesus. I'd love to hear whether people connect with this song and how it strikes people to whom Jesus is not central."

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The Waldher Clan said...

Thanks Jonathan for being true to yourself, for following through with who you were created to be and to become. I appreciate you and Christa immensely, I haven't forgotten you both over the years, you both are deeply treasured. Keep on keeping on!