Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Time Is Now

If you’ve been wondering when you could get JRL “Now,” the fourth project released by JRL since 2005, it is now available from “Now” is a stripped down predecessor of the upcoming JRL “Another Now” which will be released this coming May. While “Now” is reminiscent of the stripped-down JRL10 (an acoustic album originally released in 2005), “Another Now” will feature many of the tracks from “Now” in full-band glory as well as adding several more to the mix.

We will be posting reviews in the coming weeks and as you get your hands on this record, feel free to show up here and add your two cents as well!

Jonathan is in the studio with “Another Now” where they are getting to the mix stage of the album. This week drum and bass tracks are making their way through the mail from Goshen, IN to Wilmington, OH. And with all that going on, JRL is also gearing up for another round of shows, so be watching Myspace ( and for details as the tour develops.

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