Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reviewing JRL Now

I'm working on getting some different people to write reviews of my new recording. Part of what I think would be really cool would be to get unofficial reviews, feedback from you all. What do you like about the record? Favorite songs? What do you think doesn't work as well? If the songs hit you on an emotional level, what are you feeling? What does it make you remember or think about?

I write music because I know it can make life better (not necessarily easier, but better). Songs can help us see and feel things we're hiding from or remind us of part of who we are that we've forgotten. They can encourage or challenge or let us feel. (They can also make nice background noise while we get our work done).

So if you have a few thoughts about the new album, even a sentence or two, leave it as a comment here. And be as honest and specific as you can -- that helps us all have a chance to see what you see.



1. To leave a comment click on the little line that says comment at the end of this blog entry. It should give you a chance to comment.
2. If you don't own "Now" you can get it at You can also listen to a couple of the songs for free at (Someone Elses' Dream and Memories and Towns are up right now).

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Joel said...

I'm still reflecting on the album (and hoping for some lyrics: hint, hint), but if there's any chance of influencing the upcoming album . . . "We've All Got This" and "If You Were Mine" are my two favorite tracks so far . . . though they seem particularly suited to the solo acoustic format, so I'm not sure they'd get any better with other sounds around your voice and guitar.