Sunday, August 18, 2013

Upperhand Studios

As part of the You Have Not Seen show Christa is doing at Bluffton College, I wrote four pieces of music and recorded them with Gabriel OBrien in Wooster, OH. "Wrote" is a partial misnomer -- the whole approach was different than usual -- refreshingly so.

Christa's art in this show is, in part, a response to place and landscape. Gabriel and I approached the music in the same way. These four bits of music will be playing quietly in different corners of the gallery during the show -- we wanted it to be like walking past a house and hearing someone playing on the porch or in the stairwell. So we recorded it that way.

For the track called Water Sight we set up mics on the front porch at 1am and I played quietly to the sound of crickets and an occasional passerby or car. All this became part of the track, and I improvised around the themes that emerged.

All this was quite different from my last recording, Watershed, which was one of the most tightly produced, focused things I've done to date. It was great to stretch in a different direction and I'm excited to see how what we came up with works in the gallery space.

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