Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Dreams Tour

I'm gearing up for a week or so tour in Indiana and Ohio. I'll be hitting the road with Nate and Amber Butler (of Shiny Shiny Black) and their daughter Charlie. I'm excited about this mini-tour because:
1. Great musicians to tour with -- can't wait to split shows with Shiny Shiny Black (reminds me of the Radiant Sonchild Tour in some ways).
2. A chance to see old friends and play new venues.
3. We made a recording with 6 songs (three new songs of mine and three tunes by Nate), including (go figure) the song "Some Dreams" which I've wanted to record for some time. I love to write songs, and recordings are a chance to get them out to people. Makes me happy. Hope to see you soon.

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