Monday, July 23, 2012

Preparing for Themed Concerts

Christa is building art, I'm getting songs ready -- we're both thinking, sketching, and working with the ideas. I'm really excited about this "themed concert" concept that continues to evolve as we prepare for the early August trip. Besides an art show and a talk at 808, I'll be doing two "themed concerts" and one collaborative evening with poet/songwriter/humorist Andrew Kreider.

The themes? 
Transitions (see drawing above -- this is the idea in process) at NMC.
Adaptive Challenges at the Butlers residence.
Family will be a theme at the Andrew Kreider Free-For-All (actually it will be a very classy and funny event at what looks to be a wonderful bakery/coffeehouse venue).

Hope to see you there. More specific info on events available on FB.

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