Saturday, January 21, 2012

Venturing Farther

We are now, dear intreped blog reader, even now, venturing deeper into the territory that had been clearly marked -- 6 months ago, mind you, and you know how quickly things change in this global, technological age -- "post-sabbatical."

Yes, we were clear before hand that the afore-mentioned sabbatical might get extended, it's true. Still some of us (me, for instance) were pretty sure it would be over by now. There were, of course, signs that indicated otherwise, arrows pointing in another direction, but I (for one) ignored them.

So if you're reading this, I was wrong. Simply and completely.

In recompense for that travesty (and as a sort of waiting-room-magazine, although hopefully better in quality, and certainly with less recipes and adverts) please enjoy these images, culled from the Reuel art archives:

Justin Clemons shot the photo.
Christa did the folded art.
I drew the birdy things.

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