Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photos from the last two shows

I promised you photos from the last two shows. Here they are. (Yes, I prepared this post before I went on sabbatical. Well, actually on the second day as I was still wrapping up little fun things).

The first two photos are from the last show at the Ballroom at the Goshen Theater, in, yes, you guessed, Goshen.

The last three are from the MennoHaven gig near Tiskilwa, Illinois. The pillows, sleeping bags and blankets were strategically placed to muffle the sound and fit the camp theme.

Despite the slight trepidation we caused with our volume, this ended up being a great evening with an engaging and appreciative audience. And yes, we lowered the volume and passed out complimentary earplugs, nice rock and rollers that we are.

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