Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drinks and Babies

Some of us fiercely want our work to be meaningful. To make a lasting difference. We agonize about this. We long and struggle for it.

A while back some friends, Christa and I had pina coladas with pineapple, coconut and ginger infused something. They were excellent.

We talked coconuts and how what we were drinking could have become another coconut tree -- or it could have been (and in this case was) harvested to become a drink for a group of Virginian twertysomethings.

Both are good options. Both can be bad. Which is meaningful? Which makes a lasting difference, though?

Sometimes I want the work I do to produce babies, that is grow into something else that last and reproduces. Sometimes I just want to make, have or share a good drink. Both can be meaningful. Both can make a difference. ("If you give a drink to the least of these..")

I'm praying, hoping and working on trusting that God will take my ideas and my work and let the coconuts that need to grow into new trees do so, and the ones that need harvested -- well let them be turned into good drinks and enjoyed!

Again, I think so much rides on who you're working for.