Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birds Up

Birds up in the air, flying.
We're back breathing air here in small town Virginia.
No wats on mountaintops, no stretched white/black beaches
edging glowing waters.

Birds up in the air, fighting.
We're back gulping down draughts of fire water,
strength for
moving through the thick sludge of
unmotivation, sickness, weakness, poverty

Birds up in the air, gliding
The updraft of that which
God himself gives
The promise of.

1 comment:

brynjolf said...

Beautiful! I've always loved your feather-like sketches - this one especially, since it has a specific theme tied in and seems more complete as opposed to many of the doodles with a similar feel. I also like how there is poetry tied in. Would be cool someday to have you do a poetry/drawing collection/book.