Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coaching Creativity and Learning from Pioneers

Today I spent time with three people on the phone, helping them develop their visions and creativity. One of them is a first time college professor. The second is working on her first novel, a science fantasy epic. The third is a veteran band member turned front man who is developing his first real solo gig.

I enjoy helping people clarify vision and wrestle with the creative process. I draw on my own experiences and things I've learned over the years watching and walking with all sorts of people: leaders, musicians, missionaries, painters, writers, entrepreneurs, pastors, students. Some things that are common to any creative venture, stuff you can learn about doing things for the first time if you do new things a lot and watch serial pioneers.

Not everyone is wired or called to be an entrepreneur or artist, but everyone is creative. Not everyone is a pioneer, but everyone from time to time must try something new. Doing something for the first time or going somewhere you've never been is different than doing something you know or being you're used to. It takes different resources: muscles, attitudes, skills, and expectations. And while not everyone needs to live their life focusing on the new, everyone can learn something from those who do.

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