Saturday, August 22, 2009

Musical Diagnosis

Music is stirring in me. It's kind of nice to care about it again, to want to play a little, to have a bit of energy to write after 6 months of being very happy to keep my distance. Maybe I'm coming to the end of my unplanned musical sabbatical. I don't have clear music plans for the next season, but it's nice to see an old friend back in town.

In particular
I played a couple songs at a friend's birthday party with a bunch of very good Latin musicians. I wrote a song for one of my favorite people who just was diagnosed with lung cancer. I rewrote a song four times and am still in process. What is it about pain and sorrow that screams for music in me? I'll post a few lyrics soon, and include the song on my next CSM delivery.


Jason Potsander said...

Keep the music coming as you feel led. Can't wait for the next CSM delivery! It is always a treat!

A Traveling Girl said...

Not surprises that something so ingrained in you is resurfacing. Eager to hear the emerging sound as you continue to morph into the new.
Miss you both! -c