Sunday, June 21, 2009

Decisionmaking Questions re Issues, Ideas and Causes

For me (and maybe some of you) these are really important questions:

How do you decide:
1. What issues, ideas and causes you take a clear position on?
2. What issues, ideas and causes you admit you don't know the answer to or are reexamining your position on?
3. What issues, ideas and causes do you prioritize -- either to study and understand better, or to promote a certain answer or approach to?
4. As a leader how do you balance the need to be a. consistent or b. growing and changing?

In deciding this, which of these decisions do you make:
1. alone (or with God)
2. with your spouse or family
3. with some form of community
4. by default (because you've been taught it or you're part of a community that has a "required" viewpoint on the subject)

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brett tilford said...

How Do I decide?
1. Things I've processed for years, not days, weeks, or months.
2. Things I haven't been processing for very long or issues I simply can't handle changing on right now.
3. Only things that interest me/draw me in.
4. I think consistency is over-rated. I think for most of us the challenge isn't towards too much change (although there may be certain personality types that struggle with this).

Not sure if I'm undestanding this second part.