Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good and Bad News from the artist formerly known as JRL

Good and Bad News from the artist formerly known as JRL

So I'm listening to the rough versions of the new record and I'm in that phase where it sounds bad to me. Yes, it's not finally mixed or mastered yet. But it's my own weaknesses I hear -- vocal tuning issues, etc. This happens every time in the process -- I haven't found any way around it, just through. I guess that's not really bad news, but it's a hard part of the art-making process (or the process of doing anything really worthwhile -- read more about it in "The War of Art").

Good news, however, is here as well. Any of you remember the post I did in February about Community Supported Music? Well it's finally up and running and there are actual members from all over (Anchorage, Toronto, Dallas, DuPont -- of course that's all 4 of the current members).

All kidding aside, I think the first batch of songs is great. Some simpler folky stuff, some more experimental, some worship. If you're interested, sign up at Click on Jonathan and then Sign Up. Annual donation amounts range from $30 to $500. If you do the patron membership ($500) I write an original song based on your ideas (an original song written for someone makes a pretty unique gift).

It feels good to be doing this -- there's a lot of freedom to try new things and just see what comes out (and it's interesting what's emerging).

PS: I was asked to sit in on electric guitar for a great "rock en espanol" band. What an honor.

PPS: Feel free to leave questions or comments about the CSM.


John David said...

I hate listening to recordings of my sermons, but it is a stage of self-evaluation we to commit if we want to get better. I recently saw some video clips of Ira Glass speaking about the frustrations of the creative process. They were helpful. To sum up: "You have to make lots stuff you don't like before you can start making something you love."

Joel said...

Ira rocks. I just had to say that.

You do too, Jonathan. and you're less dweeby than Ira. Of course, it's his dweebishness that I maybe find so encouraging, but still.

I'm liking the CSM (and the music released so far--what I've had a chance to listen to) and think it's a good way to go. The patron level is a cool idea, but part of what I especially appreciate is that there's room for the rest of us (really, for any of us) to plug in and feel connected, feel like we're actually a part of and contributing to something and someone we believe in and want to see more of.

That's an awesome feeling.

Think about the alternatives. The two that come to mind are 1) the standard industry model that, to me, is so tainted with the issue of royalties, in the name of the artists but pretty clearly for the sake of Monolithic Inc. and, 2) the whole ad-enhanced experience (yaknow, like regular radio--part of why I listen to so much public radio--well, that and the fact that it just has better content).

So, instead, we get to directly support the artist. Yeah, there are kickbacks, and maybe it's just a mental trick, but, to me, it just feels better, feels purer, seems a lot less diluted and contaminated.

brett tilford said...

Looking forward to seeing where God takes you bro...