Monday, June 23, 2008

The Future of JRL

Here are some facts related to the future of JRL:

- Lately I've also been writing songs that don't fit into the JRL vibe: songs for people, city songs*, collaborations, worship songs, meditation songs, etc. It feels like there's a backlog of pretty good material that nobody gets to hear because it doesn't fit the JRL sound and vision.

- JRL hasn't been very financially viable part time, and I have less rather than more time to devote to it.

- The CSM model (which I talked about on the Feb 28 blog post) has been really drawing me. It gives me a way to spend less time on music, focus on the songwriting element, and stay connected with people who are really interested in my music.

So I'm thinking about putting booking and touring on the back shelf for a while. This has been a challenging decision that I've talked about with a lot of people. I'll still travel regularly but the focus will be on helping people find community and connection to God. This will involve music and creativity. The difference will be I won't be pushing JRL as a band.

I will continue to write music. I recently started a CSM ( This is becoming the place for people to keep up with my music. I regularly post new songs there, along with thoughts about the songwriting process. This is a sort of behind-the-scenes look at my songs for people who want to follow my progress as I launch into uncharted waters musically.

The second recording of the Now series is still in process. I hope to get it done by the fall. We've had some technical difficulties recording. It's some of my favorite music I've ever done so far, and the songs are coming along well.

So the future of JRL is change. What it has been is ending. What is ahead is not yet visible. Come along on the journey and find out!


* David Oliver (of Bridgeland) and I did an exercise where we wrote six songs -- from six places we've lived in our lives.

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