Thursday, April 17, 2008

Like Things That Cannot Be Said Anymore

Step inside the thoughts that caught in Anna Paquarello's mind while listening to JRL Now:

- As an album, it's very cohesive and easy to listen to. I've been playing it a lot this week as background music to just get the music in my head

-I Went West: I really like the line "I don't want your photograph, I just want to make you laugh". I like how the lines do not especially rhyme altogether (throughout), but the last words tend to and that is what ties it all together.

-Unnamed 1: I especially like this song (part of that is because I feel as though I can really relate to it right now). The words are few which is very fitting for the theme of the song. The instrument lines without the words is like the 'things you never said', almost as if they are things that words could not even capture, or things that cannot be said anymore.

-Unnamed 2: The way you sang this song really fits the idea you are portraying. It sounds exhausted and sleep deprived ("Find the strength to sleep") as if you have been waiting for something/someone a long time and it's wearing you out; you want to rest, but you still need to wait.

-In general, the songs are specific enough to give a clear idea of what you are saying and the idea you are clearly conveying, but also vague enough in the sense that (I think anyway) anyone could relate or apply it to their own life in some way (they're easy to connect with)

-Nothing but Empty: I like that the repeat of the chorus is quiet with more expression in the voice and slow instrumental lines

-Better This Way: The underlying current of tension from the different strumming pattern (style?) and chords during the chorus fits the lyrics

What are you thinking?

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